ACROSS THE COUNTRY

Lenny Rosenberg 

Was born and raised in Plainview, Long Island. Since the tender age of seven he was immersed with the  family business of bakeries, deli's, pizzeria's, catering & restaurants from the East to the West Coast.  His father Robert Rosenberg was a seasoned pro at re-branding  bakery & restaurant establishments for over 50 years including the landmark location "Eclairs" in New York City.  So at the age of 7 years old, Lenny would work side by side in the family businesses till eventually the torch was passed on to Lenny as he bought & rebranded his first restaurant at the age of seventeen.

Success quickly ensued and Lenny continued the hot trail of re-branding restaurant's one, two or three locations at a time. In the year 2000 Lenny looked for a new challenge by moving out west where he met interior designer extraordinaire Adesa Swan at a P.R. Event in Malibu, The dynamic duo teamed up and decided to take the country by storm starting in Los Angeles to create the same commitment to quality, food and service and decor by buying & rebranding notable California restaurants  such as Nosh of Beverly Hills, 17th Street Cafe on the famous Montana Ave and Mort's in the Palisades!
Soon word started to spread and Lenny was dubbed "The Michael Jordan of  Restaurants" by the public.  

Lenny's latest acquisitions:
800 Degrees & Marmalade Cafe Santa Monica;

Marmalade Cafe Santa Monica has been a hot spot with notable celebrities like Jason Alexander, Jon Voight, Bruce Willis, Ben Afleck, and many more. Lenny's has become an international place to chow down and be seen. People from all over the world visit these restaurants. 
Lenny has bought  re-branded & over 50 restaurants and is currently working on 3-4 projects at a time!

Here are some of his more high profile establishments!

Lenny's Flips

Viking Bakery                      Denville, NJ                       1990  (first food business that Lenny bought at age 17.)
Vermont Restaurant            Morristown, NJ                 1992
Morristown Bakery             Morristown, NJ                  1993
Three Crown Bakery            Denville, NJ                        1994
Viking Restaurant               Parsipany, NJ                     1996
The Bagel Barn Deli             Parsimony, NJ                    1996
Hahn's Restaurant               Ledgewood, NJ                   1998
The Bagelry                          Ledgewood, NJ                   1998
Strathmore Bagels               Dix Hills, Long Island        1999
Kopps Bakery                       Brooklyn, NY                      1999
Flakowitz Restaurant          Long Island, NY                  1999
Flakowitz Deli                      Miami, FL                            2000
Cake Box                               Queens, NY                         2001 
The Bagel Nosh                     Beverly Hills, CA               2003
Mayer's Bakery                    Palos Verdes, CA                2009
17th Street Cafe                    Santa Monica, CA              2011
Le Baguette                          Colorado Springs, CO         2012
The Slice                                Santa Monica, CA              2013                                                                                                         Lenny's Deli & Restaurant   Pacific Palisades, CA         2014
JT'S Restaurant                     Palm Desert, CA                2015
Beyond Bread                       Tucson, AZ                          2015
Lenny's Deli & Restaurant   Los Angeles, CA                 2017
Marmalade Cafe                   Santa Monica, CA             2018
800 Degrees                         Santa Monica, CA              2020