ACROSS THE COUNTRY

Adesa Swan

The best in her field was born in Houston, Texas and pursued interior decorating studies at New York School's interior design.  To pay her rent and school fees she would consult and design her friends apartments from basic "blah"  to fabulous sanctuaries. Soon word of mouth grew and she began to help local restaurants display an aesthetic vision to match the food and location and Adesa was called "The Expert Interior decorator"  

After her seven year relationship with New York, Adesa yearned for new challenges and a change of scenery and moved to Los Angeles, California in the year 2000. One night while attending a PR event in Malibu, California, she crossed paths with Lenny Rosenberg, the restaurant extraordinaire. The two hit if off and a few conversations and meetings later, they decided to combine talents and expertise by taking the country by storm with there unbeatable track record with rebranding and flipping restaurants & eateries. Soon after they were well known for there accomplishments. 

Now Lenny Rosenberg & Adesa Swan want to teach the restaurant business to everyone!